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  • Mariah

OOH Campaign goes Viral in Toronto with Adz World

OOH has proved yet again that it can elevate your business and in the case for Martin’s Churrasqueira it went viral. The billboard for the Toronto based Portuguese restaurant has caused such a buzz with it’s captivating digital ad in Yonge Dundas square it has resulted in catching the attention of numerous news outlets in the city, including blogTO, Narcity, The Star, The Toronto Sun, 6ixbuzz, Straightouttathe6ixTv and additionally caused huge hype online on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

This creative advertisement proves that OOH is such a great way to promote your business and be seen in such a positive way by your target market and potential new customers. Although it’s seen as dated to some people in the industry, OOH continues to showcase that it works wonders. Following the huge success of the first billboard, Martin’s Churrasqueira and Adz World came together again with a follow up billboard to further push the campaign momentum.

This is an excellent use of traditional advertising while using current events to stay relevant. OOH allows businesses to be creative and have the freedom to push any narrative they see fit for their business. When thinking of ways to bring your business to the next level, do not undermine the power of Out of Home advertising.


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