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  • Mariah

How to Organically Grow your Social Media Platform in 10 Steps

A hefty following on social media is a cornerstone of many brand’s social media presence. An organic following is an important factor to distinguish a brand’s credibility. The number of followers online ultimately means nothing if it doesn’t represent an engaged fan following. Building your presence up the right way can set your page apart from many others.

Here are some tips to organically grow your followers

1) Social Media account Optimization. Before trying to figure out how to gain followers on your social platforms it is vital to take the steps to ensure that your bio is easy to read and understand. You have a meaningful handle and a captivating profile picture.

2) Consistent Content Calendar Keeping an organized calendar for your content is a great way to keep your feed fresh and have new content to have your followers engaged in your content.

3) Schedule your Social Media posts Platforms such as Instagram have changed their algorithms to show users more content they like. Pre- scheduling your posts is a great way to raise visibility on your feed.

4) Avoid Fake Followers There’s a noticeable difference between fake followers and organic ones. Although it is tempting to buy fake followers to boost your account, it is noticeable to the trained eye. Fake followers have now ROI, deceive new followers and create little to no buzz.

5) Show your Social Platforms everywhere. In order to allow people to find you unless you share your profile on other platforms and social networks. Creating awareness and visibility is one of the best ways to get discovered.

6) Know your Followers and post Content they want. Although it’s easier said than done, it's important to understand what content that your followers want to see. If your followers are happy to see your content it is more likely that they will like and share your posts.

7) Engage with your followers. It is important to engage with your followers. Getting the conversation started is an excellent way to connect with your followers. Over 30% of users enjoy being engaged with text posts.

8) Run Contents and Promotions If you want to organically grow your followers in a short period of time, run content and give out prizes that your target market will feel compelled to engage in and want to win.

9) Collaborate with influencers An effective way to grow your following is through influencers in your desired niche. Over 60% of users state that they will follow a brand that was promoted by an influencer of interest.

10) Use Quality Hashtags. Hashtags are beneficial for growing your platforms. Hashtags can increase your exposure. The right hashtags can bring you export to a larger target market.


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