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  • Mariah

5 Things OOH Can do for You and Your Business

What is OOH Advertising? OOH, which stands for out-of-home, also known as outdoor media.Out -of-home media is advertising experienced outside of the home. This can look like billboards, bus shelters, benches and everything in-between. If you see an ad outside of your home, then you’re most likely looking at an out-of-home type of ad.

OOH Advertising is a great way to build awareness of your brand. Here are 5 reasons why you need to invest into OOH Advertising today!

1) Forget what you heard, OOH is Accepted by Customers The world we live in today is flooded with digital ads 24/7. We can’t even keep track of the amount of ads we see in a day. So when it comes to OOH advertisements it is a breath of fresh air. We as humans are more likely to respond to an ad outside. Research has proven that customers respond more favourably to outdoor media opposed to in- home media. Just be aesthetically pleasing and you’re golden.

2) OOH reaches your target market The beauty of OOH advertising is that it reaches everyone and it’s always on. Anyone can see it at any time. That is perfect for your business. It’s not always easy to reach your target market. So why not just reach everyone. The reach of OOH advertising is guaranteed.

3) Return of Investment OOH is a great investment in your small or large business. OOH is actually a cost effective method of advertising compared to online marketing. Online can cost up to $60.00/ thousand impressions. OOH ranges and varies in price and promises results.

4) OOH allows Creative Freedom A billboard is a huge canvas for a creative dream. Anything you can imagine is real. OOH can do that for you and your business. You have control of where it goes, how it looks and how big it is. With OOH you have the chance to be innovative, different and captivating. Create something that will have an impact on your business and customers.

5) OOH WORKS! The bottom line is OOH Works. It works in many different ways. It’s well perceived by your customers. You have the opportunity to stick out in their mind and have an impact. OOH Reaches people. Studies have shown 82% of people make it a point to look at the advertising message. OOH even has the ability to drive online engagements. 48% of people are more likely to click an online ad if they have already seen it. OOH is what your business needs. What are you waiting for?


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