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  • Mariah

Personal Branding 101 on Social Media

Building a personal brand on social media is the best way to build trust and credibility with your followers. Social media is a powerful tool to use to help you establish who you are online and how people perceive you on social platforms. Personal branding on social media is important to establish your personal identity, build up your image and make you stand out in your industry which can be beneficial in reaching your business and professional goals. Here are 10 ways you can start your personal brand journey today.

1) Who are you?

When creating your online image it’s important to cover the basics: Who are you? Knowing yourself is a key factor when building your personal brand. Establishing your own image will make it easier to portray your own online image.

2) Build a personal branding strategy

Planning on how you will engage with your audience will help your personal branding journey become a success. Define what you want to look like in months or even years from now. Put your goals into action.

3) Content Creation

When formulating your personal brand take into consideration what your brand will look like through your content. Writing blogs, creating posts, and following a colour scheme can help elevate your content. Using content planning apps can also help you post your content so you never forget to post.

4) Provide Value

Providing value is important for your brand and your target market. For instance, if makeup is your niche you can make videos and tutorials about doing makeup or create makeup reviews. This type of content creation will provide your audience with quality content and value.

5) Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to your personal brand. Consistency isn’t just about posting frequently, but posting the right things that your audience will enjoy.

6) Network

When mastering your personal brand it's a good idea to network with people that you share personal interests with. Engaging with your audience and reaching out to others that fit your brand is a great way to build your credibility.

7) Update your Profile Links Regularly

Keeping your online profiles up to date is important for your personal brand. Personal branding on social media involves making sure your audience finds you relevant. Keeping your links fresh will help drive traffic to your network.

8) Use Social Media Analytics and Assess your Branding Strategy

With the effort it will take to build your brand you will want to make sure that the results are reflective of your efforts. Use your analytics to see how many accounts you’re reaching and how many impressions your posts have.

9) Form your Unique Brand Voice

Social media is mainly about image and visuals but you must establish your brand voice and what you want it to sound like. When posting it's a good decision to keep the brand voice aligned with your image. It’s always a great idea to be positive, relatable and down to earth.

10) Be You

The internet can be so deceiving at times so while you’re on your personal brand journey just remember to be you and be authentic. People will appreciate your transparency online and being your true authentic self will allow your audience to grow an organic relationship with you. Be true to yourself.


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