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  • Mariah

3 Ways to Stay Relevant on Social Media in 2021


Social Media is a huge part of most people’s everyday life and now more than ever businesses have turned to social platforms to scale their business and connect with their target market. Over the last decade we have seen the rise and falls of numerous social platforms. Staying relevant can seem so difficult with the constant shift of what’s trending or new. Here are three ways we believe you can stay relevant online in 2021.

1) Connect with your Audience In the digital space we are all so connected yet so distant. Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur or someone who just wants to connect online with people it is so important to know who your audience is and connect with them on a deeper level than just viewing stories or liking a picture. Host polls on your Instagram or Twitter. Ask your audience questions. Respond to all comments left on your posts. Being engaging on your platforms will set you apart from other people and will really allow your audience to know you better. Being authentic will most likely entice your followers to engage with you and this will boost your relevance.

2) Follow the Trends Social trends are constantly shifting on a day to day basis. What’s viral today might not be relevant tomorrow so it is very important that you follow what is trending and ride that wave. This can include using popular sounds and filters on Tok Tok, using reels and hashtags on Instagram or even using IGTV on Facebook. All of these current popular tools will keep your feed refreshing and relevant. Video content currently stands out in a feed and if you want to stand out too you should be utilizing this on your platforms now. This can vary from posting short videos (nothing too long, people have a short attention span) to going live or even posting boomerangs.

3) Be CONSISTENT Consistency is the key to social media. If you want to be relevant and stay relevant you must be consistent. Being consistent includes posting stories everyday, posting content every week (numerous times a week helps) and engaging online everyday. If you take too much time off your followers might forget about you and you definitely do not want that. While it’s totally fine to take a break from social media sometimes it might be a good idea to let your followers know. That way, they can expect your return and keep an interest in your social content. We understand that it can be difficult to constantly post everyday, especially if you use multiple platforms daily so there is nothing wrong with repurposing your content across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even Tik Tok. Find what works for you and blast it! Consistency = Relevance.


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